Here's a picture of me with the sun in my face at an interesting angle so it looks artsy. Kind of.

And yes, I used a filter because I am not a fan of pictures of myself. Just look at my Instagram - it's all dogs. And food.

Two of my favorite things.

Haven't left yet?

More on me below...

Professionally, I spend my time working as a writer, producer, and content creator on a variety of media projects. 


For the past few years, my time was spent as a freelance writer & producer for numerous clients across various forms of media. However, recently, I was lucky enough to join the incredibly talented Cavalry Media team.

Started by Dana Brunetti, Cavalry’s core focus is the development and production of premium feature films and scripted television series for global audiences, in addition to their growing audio division and talent management.


At Cavalry, I work as a writer & producer on a variety of projects, one of my longest running being the hilarious podcast, Daddy Issues with Joe Buck & Oliver Hudson.

Beyond my current professional endeavors:

Former teacher. 

Lover of words.

Design enthusiast w/ an eye for aesthetics & home decor / DIY. 

Big-time animal lover & advocate. 

(I often prefer four-legged friends over humans and am eternally picking up & taking in stray or injured animals.) 

Creative thinker. 

Runner. Love being outdoors.

Podcast addict. TV addict. Film addict. 

Avid reader.

Forever curious.

Want to know more?

Get in touch through email or social media; I am an open book and happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Or, you can check out some of my personal essays about my life and experiences by clicking on the link below!

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